The PHP Academy

The PHP Academy

The PHP Academy at MASIA Institute is established to provide professional training in PHP Programming with MySQL Server. Going through this training program, you will be able to create your own web applications e.g. Shopping Carts, Content Management System, Portals and many others. You can start learning PHP without any programming knowledge. Yes, its that easy. We show you the path, you follow it and become an expert PHP programmer in no time. 

Pre-requiste for PHP is basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. These pre-requisites are already included in our six months full stack web development course. We have a proven 14 years record of providing training courses in website development.  Our team is led by experienced professionals of the industry. Most of our students are already working in different Govt. and private sector organizations. 


Course Details

  1. Course contents of Front End Web Designing 
  2. Course contents of PHP Website Development 
  3. Course contents of Full Stack Web Development 

What is PHP ?

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, is an easy to learn server-side scripting language. Its open source and free to use. Its generally used to create dynamic websites backed with a MySQL database. There are many open source CMS and Shopping Cart scripts available that are built on PHP, such as Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, oscommerce and magento etc. By learning PHP you can easily work on any of the above mentioned scripts and software.

Internship Opportunity

On completion of PHP training at The PHP Academy, you will also get a chance to work with the professional team of MASIA Soft. In this internship you will be working on live and upcoming projects. Our full support will be with you to enhance your programming and designing skills.

Come and join us for a bright future in PHP and web developing.

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