Demo Class and Teacher Introduction

Demo Class and Teacher Introduction | Best Trainers at the Best Computer Institute

These are some short clips from our classrooms and seminars / workshops. Feel free to ask for a meeting with teachers before getting admission in masia institute.

Demo Class | Girls Class | Web Development Course in Pakistan | Female Students

html css javascript jquery bootstrap react php mysql laravel project based training course in rawalpindi islamabad pakistan... [ Read More ]

Smart Objects in Adobe Photoshop Explained in 4 minutes | Urdu Hindi | Demo Class with Sir Ishtiaq

Smart Objects are the key elements in modern graphics designing. Most of new comers are unaware of smart objects and sometimes their work in destructive mode. Smart objects give you more flexibility and non-destructive editing. You can use smart objects to create mockups.

... [ Read More ]

Web Development Beginner Class with Sir Ishtiaq Ahmad Khan

Sir Ishtiaq Ahmad Khan is teaching HTML to beginner class of website development students... [ Read More ]

Demo Class of Web Designing and PHP

In our PHP Lab, Sir Ishtiaq Ahmad Khan is training students for basic PHP programming and website development... [ Read More ]

Graphics Designing Class masia institute 6th road

These are some moments from Corel Draw class. To demonstrate class environment and practical work... [ Read More ]

Class Room Visit | the best computer institute of Rawalpindi Islamabad Pakistan

MASIA Institute classroom visit. Students are working on website development and graphics designing... [ Read More ]

Demo Class | Sir Ishtiaq Ahmad Khan Graphics Class

Some glimpse from our graphics designing class with Sir Ishtiaq Ahmad Khan... [ Read More ]

Which field is best for freelancing, Web Development or Graphics Designing ?

Sir Ishtiaq Ahmad Khan is talking about how to select your career and which one is the best between graphics designing and website development / programming
... [ Read More ]

Graphics Designing Course Demo Class

Sir Ishtiaq Ahmad Khan is teaching Adobe Illustrator to his graphics designing students... [ Read More ]

Two Important Skills for Freelancers | Motivational Speech at annual day | Urdu Hindi Ishtiaq A Khan

This clip is from certificate awarding ceremony 2021.
The most ignored skills were discussed in this session. Important tips for new freelancers and entrepreneurs... [ Read More ]

How to choose your career | Motivational Speech by Ishtiaq A Khan | Annual Day 2020 | Punjab College

Ishtiaq Ahmad Khan is a Trainer, Mentor, Web Developer and Graphics Designer at MASIA Institute. This motivational video is from Certificate Awarding Ceremony of MASIA Institute on 22-Feb-2020 at Punjab College Auditorium in Commercial Market Rawalpindi.

Masia Institute ko aaj 12 saal mukamal ho chuke hain aur kam o ... [ Read More ]

Microsoft Office Demo Class with Sir Mubashir Ali

MASIA Institute Office Automation class at 6th road campus. Sir Mubashir Ali is delivering lecture for Microsoft Word... [ Read More ]

Android Application Development Tutorial Demo Class

Demo class of Android Programming at MASIA Institute, Rawalpindi.
Android development is a fastest growing field of programming. If you have working knowledge of basic Java programming, you can start learning Android.

Android Studio and build user walk-through
Fundamentals of Java Programming used to build Android App... [ Read More ]

ASP Dot Net Tutorial - Demo Class at MASIA Institute

C# dot net and ASP dot net demo class. Learn desktop application development in C# and website development in asp dot net.

This short course of ASP .net programming using C# will give you a foundation in your programming career. You will be able to design and implement desktop applications and web services using Micro... [ Read More ]